Safeguarding Your Creditworthiness
and Financial Freedom

Virtually all the data on your credit record, an astonishing 99.9%, necessitates your informed consent.

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Improving Credit Canada ™ is a platform that uses privacy codes to quickly detect, assess, predict, and solve credit-related issues for consumers.

Whether you need assistance with a credit application, seek score improvement, face a security breach concern, or need help with credit fraud, are a concerned senior, or require support for homebuyer or rental approval, we are here to help.

Elevate Your Financial Well-being: Credit and Privacy Thirty-Day Solution:

Improving Credit Canada offers various solutions to address credit-related issues. Please select the issue you are experiencing:

Credit Fraud on Credit Records
Data Breach Incidents
Credit Applicants
Job Seekers
Homeowners and Homebuyers
Small Business Owners
Low-Income Individuals
Divorced or Separated Individuals
Creditors and Collections
Individuals with Credit Errors
Consumers with Low Credit Scores
People with Missed Payments
Borrowers with High Debt Levels

Engagement Rate

This indicates that there is a significant number of individuals who are using PIPEDA to address concerns with credit reporting agencies and protect their privacy rights.


45% of the complaints related to credit reporting agencies were well-founded.


82% of the complaints related to credit reporting agencies were resolved through mediation or other informal means.

formal investigation

18% required a formal investigation.

overall engagement

OPC received 354 complaints related to credit reporting agencies, accounting for approximately 8% of all complaints received.

Negative effects on your credit record can significantly harm your creditworthiness, so it's important to safeguard it:

Remember, your credit record isn't a mere compilation of digits and facts.
It's a chronicle of your financial ambitions, your endeavors, and your resilience.